Mynordstrom Direct Access Login is Nordstrom’s official employee portal and retiree website, where employees and authorized company members can log in and access their accounts, benefits, employee plans, payroll, business data, and reviews. 


Frequently Asked Question About Portal

What is the My Nordstrom customer service phone number?

There are two phone numbers for mynordstrom customer service: one for US employees and one for Canadian employees. For US employees, the support team number is 888 282 6060. For Canadians, the mynordstrom technical support team phone number is 877 794 5304.


What can mynordstrom be used for?

Mynordstorm is a very useful online registration portal for employees. It was developed for Nordstrom employees and is very versatile. Employees can use it to access and manage their pay stubs, paychecks, web time, clocks, and more. You can also find detailed and up-to-date information about your payroll, payroll, working hours, and mypay information at mynordstorm.com.

Why is the mynordstrom site not available?

Mynordstrom can sometimes crash due to server issues. In this situation, I should try to access my Nordstrom website later. And sometimes problems can also be the end of you. If you think this is your problem, try our troubleshooting tips to resolve the issues.

Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot mynordstrom:

  • Clear internet cookies and browser cache. And refresh your browser by pressing Ctrl + F5.
  • Clear your PC’s DNS cache so you can get the latest cache from your ISP.
  • Restart your modem and restart your computer.

Where can I access my Nordstrom Workday SSO account?

Go to the online page below


How can I use my Nordstrom employee discount benefits?

Login into an employee account, add items, pay, look for tags like EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT or promo codes, fill in details, and receive your discount.

How do I apply for jobs at Nordstrom, careers at Nordstrom?

Go to my Nordstrom Careers and Jobs page online