About Us

Nordstrom Inc. is a department store known for its luxury items. The industry is based in Seattle, Washington, United States. It even operates in Canada. Nordstrom Inc. offers products such as clothing, beauty products, jewelry, shoes, home decorations, wedding decorations, and more. and they even have restaurants, cafes, and espresso bars built-in. This industry is operated by a total of 74,000 employees distributed in 379 locations. Nordstrom stores are located in 40 states. It is also possible to ship to 96 countries.


If you are having trouble logging into your Mynordstrom portal account or have any questions, please contact Nordstrom customer service. They will help you solve your problem and will also answer your questions. There are many ways to contact the Nordstrom technical support team. 

Therefore, Nordstrom Inc. offers its customers luxury products. 74,000 people work in this industry and many employees have problems with the MyNordstrom.com login portal. When these many employees are working, they also provide safety benefits.

Mynordstrom.com is a convenient online platform for employees who want to access work-related information, whether it’s to update their personal details, view their payroll on the MyPay portal, or find their work hours.


The MyNordstrom.com platform offers employees a wide range of uses. For example, you can access your work hours by viewing your pay stubs and salary information in the MyNordstrom MyPay area. You can also use the platform to update your personal information, apply for new positions, and explore the benefits of the company.

Other features of the platform include a company news section and a training section where you can find opportunities to develop your skills. An AskHR feature also allows you to ask questions online.

Here are the options and details to help you get in touch with the Mynordstrom team:

To the United States: 888 282 6060

To Canada: 877 794 5304

Fax number: 206 628 1795

Business / Mailing Address: 1617 6th Ave., Seattle, WA, 98101